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Visitor Services department

Where are you located?
We are in the Civic Center district, between the State Hysterical Society and the city’s new tech history museum, The Museum of Modem Art. There is no mistaking our facade. The main entrance is on Bouvard Avenue near Pecuchet Street.

What are your hours?
The Museum of Folly never closes. A unique feature of our museum is the availability of beds in several galleries as an amenity for overnight visitors.

Is there a coatroom?

Just throw your coats on one of the beds.

Is there a free entry day?
Entry is always free, although there is sometimes a modest charge to exit.

How many pieces are in the collection?
A lot!

Are you a real museum?
Yes. Are you a real person?

Is photography permitted?
Photography is encouraged. We no longer recommend the use of flash, however, as we will be happy to increase lighting in the galleries upon request.

Can I touch touch or handle objects in the collection?

Yes, depending on your height and the placement of the object.

How do objects enter your collection?
Most are brought up in a freight elevator from the loading dock at the rear of the building.

No, I mean, how do you acquire them?
Some objects are on loan from individuals or other institutions. Some are donated to the museum by private collectors. Some are purchased with funds from our endowment (we are proud to be well endowed). Some are purchased for the museum by the Edward Lear League, a quarrelsome but generous group of high-level members. Some are left on our doorstep during the night.

I’m excited to hear you are well endowed. Can I join the museum?
Yes, we love members.

Continuing in this vein, can I have my wedding at the museum?
Yes, and your honeymoon as well. (Just push the coats off to the side.)

Does the museum appraise or authenticate works of art or artifacts?
Are you kidding?

Do you offer tours for individuals or school groups?
We provide an infinite number of tours, no two of which are alike.

Is there a place to eat?

The Folly Cafe is famous for its culinary surprises.

How do I contact the museum’s Lost and Found department?
We believe we have this feature but forget where it is located (if you find it let us know). For lost items check the galleries, as objects left in the galleries often become parts of the displays.

Can you provide tips for planning a visit to the museum?
To fully benefit from the museum’s displays, we recommend that you begin anywhere and wander as you wish.

Do you have a twitter account?
We are @follymuseum.

Can I get to the museum by public transportation?
It’s all right with us.

Where can I park my car?
Most convenient is the intersection of Bouvard Avenue and Pecuchet Street.