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Roger Rabbit, 2016

Contemporary, USA

Roger Rabbit, "Manure Happens," Daggett Farm, Slater Park, Pawtucket, RI

Slater Park, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Mixed organic and inorganic materials
Daggett Farm

Sometimes the simplest labels are the best, such as this one, photographed by a member of the MoFo staff at a sister institution in the great city of Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Though brief, the label is profound. Analogy could be made to this poem by Gary Snyder, from his collection Axe Handles:

All this new stuff goes on top
turn it over, turn it over
wait and water down
from the dark bottom
turn it inside out
let it spread through
Sift down even
Watch it sprout.

A mind like compost.