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Internal memoranda, Visitor Services department

FROM: Anita Gidway, Visitor Services manager
TO: Director’s office

Dr. Thom:

As you know, we have begun providing comment cards for visitors to fill out when they leave the museum. So far we have accumulated 33 cards. I thought you might like to review the comments, which I have sorted by department in the attached spreadsheet. We will continue to monitor this.


General Comments
Fabulously courteous staff
Too salty
Galleries are crowded — try to control the thongs
Unhappy that derelicts are allowed to loiter, litter, and intimidate your visitors freely, but we have to pay
This museum is a joke
Café Folly
Children should eat in a separate, soundproof, closed-off area
The “chef’s surprise” was larger than I expected
The Bush Adminstration Wing was so enormous that we could not complete it in a full day, so we missed the rest of the museum. Can anything be done?
As one of the most richly endowed cities in America, I found your approach narrow
We liked the way some objects are presented upside-down
I was trying to find the Gustave Flaubert Room without success. …you need a system to keep track of donor rooms. A person could be lost in here for days
Explain how other nations were looted and pillaged to put together your collection.
The woman leading the 11:00 tour was behind schedule and tried to out talk the man leading the 11:30 tour. They started going faster and faster, and it was hard to keep up.
Exhibition Design/Labels
There are lost of typos in descriptions
On the third floor, gallery 8, the second panel from the left, paragraph 4, line 6, word 7 there is a typo. I will not be back!
Black type on white paper makes the labels hard to read
I signed up for a museum membership, but when I went to the Member’s Lounge I was startled to see how literally you take the term “members”
Did not like the funhouse mirrors in restrooms. Can we have at least one ordinary mirror?
Elevator doors only open from the outside.This seems wrong
Loved your exhibit, however it caused heavy feeling in lungs, plus watery eyes and nose.
PR and Marketing
Do you have a website? I have searched in vain for information about the museum online.
I was disturbed by the loud alarm every time someone slipped through a nonpublic doorway, and space was a problem when they would rush back out with their large bundles
Dammit, give the damned officers the tools they need to keep the damned visitors moving along through the damned galleries!!! Let’s show some discipline!!! Dammit.
Guards Bert and Ernest were helpful. We lost our camera and they gave us a sketchpad.
A product in the store got turned on and wouldn’t stop vibrating. This was for a friend
The store should sell more books, also little screens, matches, and spoons
Visitor Services
It would be a great honor to be able to levitate on the 3rd floor, possibly 1 hour a week
How about discounts for government personnel and for-profit organizations?
Visitor was struck in the rear repeatedly by a gentleman using a wheelchair in the third floor galleries. What is your policy?
Hours are too short. Consider adding more minutes
Volunteer Services
Your information people should be made to eat at the café
Information desk person Don was cute. What is his home number?
Who does your hair? I like it