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Warning signs, 21st c.

Contemporary, Graphics department, Operations department, Visitor Services department

warning signs

Various places of origin
Plastic, metal, wood, and colors
Various lenders

Since our building is new, our Operations, Visitor Services, and Graphics departments have been researching signage options. This small exhibition of 14 signs presents those that our cross-departmental working team felt would be most suitable for our institution.

Below is a list of what the signs signify, as well as the original source.

  1. Top row, left: Meet the werewolves in our Fantastic Creatures gallery
    (lent from Mark Strozier’s photostream).
  2. Top row, center: Art cars may attract moose (lent from tiny tear’s photostream).
  3. Top row, right: Molten sludge controls mutant snowflakes
    (lent from work the angles’ photostream).
  4. Second row, left: Terrorists’ hands will be scarified by electric eels
    (lent from mag3737’s photostream).
  5. Second row, center: Stunt bicyclists perform during family events
    (lent from stuartajc’s photostream).
  6. Second row, right: Redheads must turn off cell phones before exercising in the garden maze
    (lent from Mykl Roventine’s photostream).
  7. Third row, left: Delaying the elevator is rude to those waiting
    (lent from hc gilje’s photostream).
  8. Third row, right: Strong alcoholic drinks on sale in the Folly Cafe
    (lent from Fecki’s photostream).
  9. Fourth row, left: New in the Folly Cafe, try “Pandora’s Surprise”
    (lent from lars hammar’s photostream.
  10. Fourth row, center: Canadians should exit this gallery and go watch an art car
    (lent from greefus groinks’ photostream).
  11. Fourth row, right: Caution: Cubist art may attack organic forms
    (lent from A.Currell’s photostream).
  12. Bottom row, left: Take care in calibrating the auto-massager
    (lent from iwantamonkey’s photostream).
  13. Bottom row, center: Do not attempt to comprehend the giant cauliflower
    (lent from WordRidden’s photostream).
  14. Bottom row, right: MoFo encourages “Dancing with the Stairs
    (provenance uncertain).*

*This sign, coincidentally, is similar to our present stairway sign — designed by our in-house Graphics department — visible in the sidebar at right.



Comment from Maria
Time: February 17, 2009, 1:59 am

These signs are quite interesting and it seemed ridiculous to me and some of them I do not understand. This is like a sign that indicates where a person with a question? If I saw this on the road, I would not exactly know what it stands!